Q: What are Lightroom presets? 

Lightroom presets are essentially one-click photo filters that can be applied to your images to give them an instantly professional and stylized look. However, unlike filters you might find in other apps, Lightroom presets allow for way more control over the edit of your images because they are completely customizable. 

As I've edited photos over the years, I've saved the final results I love most as presets, which store all of the adjustment settings information from my editing process into one single file. Once a preset is saved, I can apply it to any images in the future in one click, which has saved me hours upon hours of time editing. Now I'm sharing these presets with you! 


Q: Can I use these presets if I don't have Lightroom? 

No. In order to use these presets, you will need to either have the free Lightroom mobile app or the paid desktop version, which you can find here.


Q: Can I use these presets if I have a really old version of Lightroom? 

If you are using a version of Lightroom for desktop that is version 6 or older, you will need to update to a newer version to be able to use these presets. The presets we sell are in .xmp files (the older version of Lightroom used .lrtemplate files). 


Q: I'm new to photography and Lightroom. Can I still use these presets? 

Yes of course! Presets are actually perfect for beginners because they allow you to create professional edits on your photos without needing advanced knowledge of how to edit. 


Q: How do I get the presets once I purchase them? 

As soon as you purchase the presets, a download link will be instantly displayed on the checkout page. You will also get the download delivered to your email inbox so you can start using them right away! If you don't see an email come through, please check your spam folder before contacting support. Please note there is a 5 download limit, so save these in a safe place and back them up so you don't lose them! 


Q: What comes with my purchase? 

When you purchase a preset pack from Live Like it's the Weekend, you'll receive the collection you selected with files compatible for either the desktop version of Lightroom or the free Lightroom mobile app. 

Your download will also include additional resources to help you kickstart your editing journey. This includes an Installation Guide, my Quick Startup Tips for maximizing your preset experience from day one, my Editing Cheat Sheet, AND my 30-page e-book, The Art of the Perfectly Curated Instagram Feed!  


Q: How do I import the presets into Lightroom once I purchase? 

You will receive a detailed installation guide with your purchase that is specifically tailored to the presets you bought, whether they are for desktop or mobile. 


Q: What if I erase my preset files by accident? 

If you save the confirmation email, you should be able to re-download the presets in the future, however I highly recommend backing up your presets immediately onto an external hard drive so that you have them safely stored. 


Q: What kinds of photos will these presets work on? 

All kinds! I personally shoot my photos in RAW file format on a Sony camera, but these presets have also been tested on JPEGS from both DSLR cameras and iPhone. Shooting your images in RAW will give you the best results, however it's not 100% necessary and JPEGs will work just fine. 


Q: What's the difference between the desktop and mobile presets? 

Desktop presets are specifically made to be used with a desktop version of Adobe Lightroom allowing you to have the most control over your edits. To use presets for desktop, you need to have a paid Adobe subscription and it is recommended that you use RAW image files or high quality JPEGs. Mobile presets, however, can be used on the free Lightroom mobile app and are adapted to work well with JPEG images, like those from your iPhone. 


Q: Will the presets work if I shoot on my iPhone? 

Yes! In this case I would recommend purchasing the mobile packs as they allow you to edit easily directly on your Lightroom app for mobile. 


Q: Why can't I download the files on my phone? 

When you purchase Live Like it's the Weekend presets, they get sent to your inbox in a zip file. You will need to unzip the file on desktop first and then transfer the files to your phone. Please read the install guide that comes with your purchase for specific instructions. 


Q: Do you accept refunds? 

Unfortunately since the files are sent to you via email and can't technically be returned, we cannot offer refunds. All purchases are final. Thank you for understanding! 



Q: What are Desktop Presets? 

Desktop presets are specifically made to be used with the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom, allowing you to have the most control over your edits. To use presets for desktop, you need to have a paid Adobe subscription and it is recommended that you use RAW image files or high quality JPEGs. 


Q: Should I buy the desktop presets if I don't shoot in RAW? 

If you only shoot JPEG images but you still want to use the Lightroom program for desktop to have as much editing control as possible, that is still fine. I always recommend shooting in RAW for the best quality, but these presets will work great on JPEGs as well. 



Q: What are Mobile Presets? 

Mobile presets are preset files that are formatted specifically to be used with the free Lightroom app for mobile. They have been adapted to work well with JPEG images, like those from your iPhone. 


Q: Does it cost money to use the Lightroom app on my phone?

Nope! The mobile Lightroom app is totally free. 


Q: What kind of photos can be edited using the mobile presets?

Lightroom for mobile supports many file formats including JPEG, PNG, Adobe DNG. Paid Creative Cloud members also have the option of importing their RAW files from their camera.


Don't see your question answered here? Shoot me a DM at @Livelikeitsthewknd or an email at sales@livelikeitstheweekend.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!