California Golden Collection (Desktop)

Live Like it's the Weekend


About the California Golden Collection

The California Golden Desktop Collection is a series of 20 custom Lightroom presets designed to give your photos that warm Cali glow.

These are the EXACT presets I've used on tons of my current Instagram photos and they're my favorites for exploring the desert and beachy vibes of Southern California, however they can be used on tons of travel photos no matter where you're shooting around the world! 

If you like warm, golden tones this is the pack for you! 

Why Purchase My Presets?

I've built a full time photography and blogging business working with some of the top travel brands around the world including Four Seasons, Kayak, Aman Hotels, Orbitz and many others. Learning to edit my images professionally has opened a ton of doors for me, and I want to offer you the same results with your photography! I'm confident that these presets will help you instantly improve your photos and find your unique style. 

My desktop presets are a bit different than others you've seen for sale, because I've created a system that makes them super easy to edit with and account for different lighting conditions. Each preset in this pack comes with 3 lighting variations, so whether you prefer shooting in bright sunlight or tend to underexpose, you'll be able to easily preview each preset without having to make additional adjustments. 

BONUS! 💥💥 I've included TWO EPIC BONUSES with every preset collection to help you maximize your investment. When you purchase my presets, you'll also get access to my Editing Cheat Sheet, which outlines the exact Lightroom tools to use to put the finishing touches on your photos after you've applied presets, along with my 30-page E-book on Instagram branding, which gives you a step-by-step system to creating a cohesive Instagram feed that is irresistible.  

What Comes With Your Purchase? 

  • 20 custom Lightroom presets designed with love
  • Each preset comes with 3 variations to account for different lighting (high exposure, low exposure and even exposure). You will see these marked next to the name of the preset with (-) and (+). 
  • Desktop Lightroom installation guide to get you set up in minutes
  • My Quick Startup Tips to help you maximize your presets from day one
  • Bonus 1: Lightroom Editing Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus 2: The Art of the Perfectly Curated Instagram Feed (30-page e-book)!
  • Lifetime access to any updates or improvements I make to the preset collection in the future!

Please Note Before Purchase:

In order to use these Desktop Lightroom Presets, you will need an Adobe account and the paid version of Lightroom (the lowest cost plan is $9.99/month). If you prefer to use the free version of Lightroom on Mobile, check out my Mobile Presets here

These presets work best on RAW images but also work well with JPEG images too! They have been tested extensively on hundreds of photos to make sure they will look beautiful on as many images as possible. 

However, please keep in mind that every preset will work differently on every image depending on many factors including lighting, camera model, etc. Many of these presets will work with one click, but in most cases you will have to make small tweaks after applying your presets. That's why I've included my Lightroom Editing Cheat Sheet so you have the guidance you need to make those tweaks! 

Finally, if you love these presets, I would SO APPRECIATE it if you could leave a review and tag #LLITWpresets or @LLITWpresets on Instagram to share your edits!